You can call me MM. I’m your average working Dubaian. I’m a Finance Professional & Personal Finance is a subject close to my heart.

We’ve all come to this land of dreams and opportunities to make our lives more worthwhile than wherever we were before. But the comfy lifestyle, high cost of living & multiple spending temptations blur the ultimate objective of our ‘economic migration’. Make no mistake, for many of us, our time in this Country is finite and with the stresses and pressures of everyday life, it is all but easy to end up with a guilt trip when the time runs out!

Does this mean, it’s all work & no fun? Hell No! In fact, it would be completely contrary to the #HAPPYDUBAI vision of the leadership of this city. With this blog, I would like you to enjoy life here to its fullest, but in a Fiscally Responsible way.

So I  invite you to keep visiting this blog regularly for new posts giving insights on how to be smart with your money – Planning, Investing and Spending (Yes, in that order!)